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Easy Way Techniques, ltd. is a Croatian based family owned and run business. It is focused to provide excellent relationship to its clients, striving to give the best possible service and support. Main fields of activities include boating industry and automotive industry. Today’s focuses are based on over 30 years of experience in design, production and sale of wooden yachts and boats, racecars, sport airplanes etc.

We are bringing the HC33 back to life, and building them in Europe.

Our Management Team

Slobodan "Bob" Varga, CEO

Although electro technician by education, Bob's life is painted in deep-sea colors.

His passion for traditional boats, and especially wooden sailing boats, has defined his life. His first sail boat was a 16” open. His first employment was for a big state owned company, as a sales person. Soon he was managing one of the first and biggest yacht chandleries in ex-Yugoslavia.

At the age of 24, he decided to be independant and started his own business building boats back in 1984. Untill today, 28 one-off wooden sailing and powerboats have Bob's signature.

Besides designing and building new ones, his extensive skills in wood and composites construction methods, mechanics and electronics have enabled him to successfully finish numerous restorations on wooden, as well as boats built in other materials.

While Bob's other activities include Diplomatic service in the past, finance and consulting services currently, he is more than happy to dedicate his time to the best traditional sailing yachts on the open seas.

Bob is certified Master Boatbuilder, Yacht Master, holder of GMDSS as well as HAM radio "A" class license (9A7SVB). He has logged over 37.000 nm sailing, but a circumnavigation is still on the “To-do” list...

His other passion are motorbikes. Bob is president of Croatian Chapter of one of the world biggest family motorcycle associations, the STAR Touring And Riding.


Janna Varga, CFO

Janna has extensive knowledge in international trade, and has spent several years in business related to professional boating. Her duties included ship supply and organization of maintenance.

She holds diploma in History and English.

Due to her experience as retail banking manager, her pen is always vey sharp, to be sure that the numbers are correct and just.

She is faithfull corider on a motorbike too.


Fran Varga, CTO

Besides being responsible for all IT related stuff, Fran is also actively taking part in technical and engineering processes. Although his main fields of interests are sport cars and motorcycles, he is also very passionate about sailing. He got his first sea legs as 5 y.o. and helped out in the boat shop ever since. Besides his IT skills he has also collected extensive skills in mechanics. Motorbiker? Of course...


Vlad Iakushev, CSO

Vlad Holds a diploma in management. His experience is forged in several fields related to sale of automotive products and services. Fluent in Russian, Czech and English language, he finds no obstacles in communication, wether selling or buying. He is a big football fan and player spending a lot of his free time enjoing the game.

Our Pets


Scottie is 11 years old West Highland white terrier, with sea legs.


Archie is a rough-coated Jack Russell terrier puppy.

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